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6 Alternative Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Prove Useful For A Long Time

6 alternative holiday gift ideas that will prove useful for a long time

During the holidays, we give our family and friends gifts; however there are some gifts which are appreciated more than others. You don”t want to give a gift that will never get used or enjoyed. To avoid falling into this trap, here are six alternative holiday gifts which will prove useful for a long time.

A monthly or yearly subscription to a club

There must be something that your friend or family member likes to do something that if they receive a subscription, they will be grateful. It could be a friend or a family member who loves working out in a gym, a monthly or an annual subscription would go a long way in enabling them to attend the gym without having to worry about late or missed payments.

Taking a family trip or vacation

Everyone loves taking a trip or vacation, it’s even more enjoyable when done during the holiday season. Take your family or friends to a place where they have always wanted to go. You will not only have fulfilled their desired but will also have done it during the most important period of the year, they will forever be grateful for this gesture, you will have won their heart and in the process get more satisfaction.

Teach your children how to save

Open an account for the kids or buy a piggy bank as a gift during the holiday season. Teach them the importance of saving, and how to go about it. This is something they will enjoy doing every day of the year, and later in life they will thank you for the gift as they will be responsible adults, people who are able to manage their finances better.

Teach someone a new skill

They say teach a man to fish and he will never have to borrow again, this is what happens when you teach somebody some valuable skills, they’ll go a long way in changing their lives for better. What a perfect holiday gift.

Take the kids away for an adventure

Buy a child a gift and when he is ten and chances are high that he won’t remember it. Take them on an adventure and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Give practical gifts

When choosing what kind of gifts to buy make sure that you are giving something that they will use. Don’t just do it as a formality, it will be much be appreciated if the gift is something that will be used especially in their day to day activities.

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