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Pokémon Go: Avoid These Costly And Dangerous Mistakes

Pokémon Go: Avoid these costly and dangerous mistakes

Pokémon Go: the new augmented reality game for smartphones is the revival of the popular ’90s game. This time around people of all generations have become enthralled and are getting into action to ‘catch ’em all.’ Even though the game’s app is free, players are still spending heavily. If you and your family are taken by the Pokémon Go storm but are living payday-to- payday or have outstanding debts and loans to pay off, you should avoid making the following money mistakes. Not to mention, you should also talk to your kids about how to be safe and responsible when playing the game.

1. Beware of fake apps

With the growing Pokémon fever, it’s quite natural to get desperate and download the first app that appears on the search. By not paying attention you could end up downloading a fake app. Malicious applications lurk among the most popular and addictive games and can easily trick smartphone users into downloading them. These fake apps can steal your data, damage your smartphones, and access your personal and sensitive information. Download the original app. If you see the game-app published by anyone other than its developer then it could be fake.

2. Save on in-app purchases

Like many other apps, Pokémon Go offers in-game purchases. People who aren’t careful could end up giving unrestrained access to their credit card and paying a lot of money on in-app purchases. You might want to set up a budget for yourself if you have the temptation to buy Pokéballs. However, if you wait and only play in your free time you could ‘catch ’em all’ without disrupting your finances.

If you get into the habit of collecting free Pokéballs from any random website, remember

– Online scams could be costly and

– Could be a serious privacy and security issue

3. Save on high data charges

Reasonable unlimited mobile data options are rarely a reality, hence every megabyte should be used sensibly, or you might end up paying extra. You could curb unnecessary data usage by playing in areas where free Wi-Fi is available. However, if you are using open Wi-Fi networks for hunting your favourite beasts, exercise caution, keep your details secure and don’t access private material.

The augmented reality game converts the real world into an interactive virtual world that adapts through your movement and GPS. It can drain your mobile data and battery very quickly. As you head out to catch the rare monsters, save some juice for an emergency if you need help when you’re straying off or caught in the dark. You’ll definitely want to switch to the battery-saving options on your smartphone.

4. Save on medical bills

Before heading out to hunt these cute little Pokémon characters in this cold and windy weather, make sure that you keep yourself comfortable. Stay hydrated, wear suitable clothes and running shoes. You don’t want to pay a visit to the doctor because you got sick on your hunting adventure! Keeping yourself in good health could save on your medical bills.

5. Save on car repairs

At first, it was phone calls while driving that caused car accidents, then came texts, tweets, and not that long ago, snapchatting. Now we have Pokémon Go that is taking the world by storm. One thing which is common among these social apps is that it could cause serious damage if used while driving. You don’t want to get hit or hit anyone, as car crashes can not only cost thousands of dollars, but also precious lives. Keep your smartphone away while driving if you think you won’t be able to resist the urge to play the game. You can still play the game in your car as long as you’re not in the driver’s seat.

6. Save on little things

You can’t catch more varieties of these adorable Pokémon characters or hatch the eggs in the game by sitting on your favourite couch or by staying behind the computer screen. You will have to keep walking while you pocket the best Pokémons. As you evolve your Pokémon army, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time exploring new places and getting in shape at the same time.

If you are paying for gym memberships, dog-walkers, and house cleaners or planning to hire a home renovator, you might want to reconsider that. Level up outside by walking to work, running errands or doing chores that can be enjoyable and save you money while trying to catch em’ all.

Hunt Safely – Remember to be alert at all times, and to look up from your screen every few seconds to watch your steps.

  1. Watch where you’re going and keep yourself away from the trouble of scaling fences to enter into an unauthorised or a private property.
  2. Stay in well-lit areas if you are hunting in the dark.
  3. Be attentive and mind your footsteps over the ditches, steps or trees. It is ideal to stay away from busy streets and high traffic areas.
  4. Getting out of bed early could be a better idea. A morning walk can get even more refreshing and exciting when you are hunting your favourite characters on the go.

Pokémon Go is full of free entertainment and is definitely encouraging people to get active and social. By using your time and smartphone effectively you and your family could enjoy catching them all, without overspending or mounting debts.

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