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How To Reach Any Goal: 7 Simple Steps

How to reach any goal: 7 simple steps

Most of us are fired up and determined at the start of a new year as we set new goals and hope to make this year a great one. However, if you’re trying to achieve someone else’s goals, you’ll easily fail. Find a goal that motivates you and aim to have a few life-changing goals set across all areas of life including;

  • Health
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Business/Career
  • Romance and Family
  • Personal development
  • Fun and recreation

1. Have a structure

To stay on track and accomplish your goals, write them down. Be specific with details and set a timeline for your short-term, long-term and life goals by breaking it all the way down to daily activities. Determine how you would measure your progress and achievements and don’t forget to look at your plan every day.

set up reminders, keep moving

2. Set up reminders

Accomplishing goals takes more than good intentions. Most of us have busy lives and we may lose sight of our goals when it’s not on top of our minds, like making an impulse purchase when you planned to save. Create reminders and don’t let a goal slip your mind again. You could either leave notes, post-its or automate your goals with smartphone apps.

3. Stop procrastination

It’s easy to get distracted from working on your goals when you find something fun or relaxing. Procrastination can keep you from reaching your goals and if you aren’t careful it could turn into a habit of laziness or boredom. Most of the things that you procrastinate might not actually be difficult or time-consuming, but you still avoid starting them. David Allen’s two minute rule could help you crush the beast of procrastination and get started with your goals. Work on your new goal for at least 2 minutes and you’ll notice good things happen once you get started.

work with someone who's supportive

4. Find an accountability partner

If you are making excuses or putting things off, you won’t be able to reach your goals. In such circumstances when you are unable to take responsibility on your own, you could get a buddy or an ‘accountability partner’ who will support your goals as well as track your progress. Find someone you trust – family, friends, or colleagues to assist you along your journey and hold you accountable for your health, financial or personal goals.

5. Don’t settle and keep moving

If you find that you’re slipping in your dedication, keep moving. Even if it requires you to start all over again, just do it. Now, by eliminating the mistakes you made in your earlier attempts, you could achieve your goal with flying colours.

6. Track your progress

You can only make better decisions when you know where you stand. As you go along, keeping a record of your activities will help you to track your progress. When you try different strategies to reach your goals, make personal notes for reference, should a problem arise. This way, it will be easy to analyse if something goes wrong or works out right and you could use these notes to help with the same or similar task again in future.

stay inspired and determined

7. Savour your success

Staying on top of your goals requires hard work and determination. Appreciate small accomplishments and reward yourself, this will inspire you to work harder and keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Do your favourite activity, whether you go to your favourite restaurant or watch a movie, take time to celebrate your small successes.

It’s not hard to turn your dreams into a reality. Set realistic goals, write them down and constantly track your progress.

What’s your favourite way to accomplish your goal? Please feel free to share it with our readers.

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