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Five Fun And Inexpensive Ideas For Long Weekend Adventures

Five Fun and Inexpensive Ideas for Long Weekend Adventures

You may be planning a big weekend adventure but are on a low budget. You can still have the weekend of a lifetime even if you do not have much cash to spare. Here are some tips that will help you have a fun and inexpensive long weekend.

Build a campfire

With the weather starting to warm up, it means you can spend some time outdoors. For a fun activity for the whole family you could light a campfire. There may be locations in your area that offer such facilities. Instead of going camping for the whole weekend, you can spend one night around a campfire and it will be cheaper.


This is a simple way to have fun, look for a shady area, lay your blanket or a mat down and have some fun. Take some food with you and some toys for the kids. Just relax, catch up, tell stories and engage in fun activities. Carry some food and drinks from home or prepare it on site, if it is allowed. Carry a book and read while the kids are playing. Your family will have a great time, all for a very small budget.

Arts and crafts

If the weather is not so good, it does not mean that you won’t enjoy the weekend. Plan for indoor activities, where every member of the family is engaged. Creative arts and crafts projects can really add fun to it. Get some inspiration from Pinterest and buy cheap arts and craft materials. Cover the place of work with old newspapers and get down to business. Everyone will be having fun just as you would when you are on an outdoor trip.

Family night movie

Taking the whole family out for a movie can be expensive. You can get the same experience at home at a cheaper cost. Choose Netflix or Lightbox to choose from a huge range of movies that the whole family will enjoy. Spread the blanket on the floor, get some popcorn or cookies and make the best of the moment.

Star gazing

You don’t always have to go out during the daytime to have some fun, you can also do it during the night. Take the kids to a place where they spend some time outdoors gazing at the stars. They will like this, make it fun by laying blankets in the backyard.

A weekend adventure does not have to be expensive; it can be done without spending a large amount. Try these five ideas and you will long for the next weekend adventure.

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