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7 Amazing Ways To Keep Retirement Exciting

7 Amazing Ways to Keep Retirement Exciting

Retirement can be pretty appealing; sleeping in, golfing or traveling the world at your leisure. If your retirement is turning out to be too easy and you have nothing much to do, you could keep your life exciting and fresh with the below activities.

1. Write your memoirs

Maintaining a journal, writing memoirs or the old school style letters to your family and friends will not just keep you busy during retirement but it is also a brilliant way to record your adventures, past experiences and relay interesting life lessons to your loved ones.

2. Got a pending book list?

It’s a good time to visit that long pending list of books that you have always wanted to read. With audiobooks, you have the option to listen to a good book read by a voice artist or the author if you prefer resting your eyes. Download electronic books on a kindle or any ebook reader if you are fond of reading online. However if you only enjoy the traditional way of reading then you can visit your local library or you could also order books online that can be delivered straight to your mailbox.

3. Challenge your physical fitness

Any physical activity or sports like golf, tennis, swimming or yoga will keep you energetic, healthy and in good shape in addition to keeping you busy. It is also a good way to socialise, meet new people with the same interests.

4. Learn a new language

What could be more interesting than learning a new language? It might seem difficult at first but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep your mind active. To get started you could use free online language learning tools like Duolingo, Livemocha, Memrise, or Busuu. Download these courses and complete them at your own pace. If you wish to improve conversation skills even further you could enrol at a university or a recognised language institute.

5. Learn a new skill

Perhaps you have always wanted to crochet, paint, bake, play piano, build a car, or learn a brand new skill but never found the time to do so. Focus on something that you would like to improve on- sign up for a class online or in a college, join relevant clubs matching your hobbies or interests and work together with other community members. This will help you to continue learning throughout retirement. You’ll meet new people, make new friends and may end up making it an exciting career for your retirement.

6. Build your family tree

Nothing could be more exciting than exploring your genealogy. Work your way to building your family tree. Put the word out, inform your immediate and distant family members about your new project and collect more information from them. While conducting research on your line of descent many new and interesting facts may transpire. You can choose to simply save your research or turn your diagram into a work of art and share it with your family. You could also store and share your family history online.

7. Giving back

There are plenty of ways for retirees to give back to the community by using their time, money and expertise. Don’t let your knowledge go to waste. Mentoring, teaching, and writing are the best ways to provide guidance, and to share your wisdom with the current generation. You could also volunteer or do missionary work to help local communities towards a specific cause.

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