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Simple Ways To Make Your Spring Garden Bloom On A Budget

Simple Ways to Make Your Spring Garden bloom on a Budget

Being short of funds does not mean you cannot achieve a blooming garden. With a little effort and imagination; you can make your spring garden stand out.

Reuse and recycle

You will need some containers and sacks to make your garden on a budget; you don’t have to buy all of your gardening equipment from plant stores. In your garage you are likely to have several buckets and sacks lying around. Use them by drilling holes at the bottom to allow free movement of air and water. These sacks and containers are ideal for growing vegetables. You will have your spring garden blooming on a very small budget.

Use simple tools

Gardening requires tools and equipment, while there are several places where you can source them you don’t have to buy new ones. There are people who are looking to discard their old tools for free or for a small fee. Take advantage of Trademe and recycling sites on the social media. This will help you cut on costs and also acquire tools that you can use in your garden for a long period of time.

Go organic

Pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers may improve the yields in your spring garden, but they may also increase your budget. Organic farming allows you to utilise the already available materials and still get same or even higher yields. Use leaves and other plant materials for your garden. They not only enrich the soil but also increase its capacity to store water. Using organic farming also ensures that the environment is not degraded; you’ll save some money but also play your part in ensuring that the environment and your vegetables remain safe and free from nasty pesticides.

Use your own labour

Maintaining a garden can be expensive, especially when it comes to hiring labour. When you find some time to tend your plants, you’ll find that cost is reduced significantly. Use your spare time to take care of the plants. Encourage your children to assist, it will keep them busy! With this, youll have some time to spend with your children and also cut on the cost of labour.

A garden makes a home beautiful, but it does not have to cost you a fortune to grow and maintain. With a small budget you can still have a spring garden that gives your home beauty and serenity.

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