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Track Your Expenses And Know Where Your Money Goes

Track your expenses and know where your money goes

One of the first steps to understanding how you are managing your finances is keeping track of your expenses. Some may feel it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it, it will help in discovering areas that need improvement.


One of the major reasons why we track finances and our expenses is to be aware of them. If you don’t understand where your money goes then it’s not possible to know what needs to be changed to make sure that you are achieving your financial goals. One secret about the rich is that they are aware of every cent they make and how they spend it. Tracking expenses is one sure way to financial freedom, it’s the path that will stop leakages, and seal the holes to ensure you have enough to spend on necessities and savings too.


If you have a monthly budget but don’t track your expenses, chances are that you will overspend on a given category. This will have an impact on your whole budget, you’ll either have to adjust some of the items or use methods such as credit cards to bridge the gap. Such acts will definitely leave you with financial gaps that would not have been there if you had tracked your expenses.


Ask any rich person and he or she will tell you that true wealth is not built by making a lot of money, it’s through spending less of what you make and putting it to good use. We know of many people who have big salaries but they’re always in financial trouble. Their main failure is lack of expense tracking. For them to build wealth and avoid these financial pitfalls, they must track their expenses and stop wasting, with this they will have enough to spend, save and invest.


Tracking your finances will help in identifying spending issues, you’ll discover whether your priorities match your spending. With this discovery, you’ll be in a position to make the necessary changes.


One of the easiest ways to track your expenses is writing them down in a note book, no matter how small or big. Also make sure you indicate what you spent the money on. You can also get an app such as Pocketbook; use it to track your expenses. Make some adjustments in your life and you’ll see the difference. You’ll also have more money to save.

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