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6 Ways To Save Some Serious Money By Renting

6 Ways to Save Some Serious Money by Renting

It’s best to borrow and save money instead of buying things that you will only use once or twice. Every house will have clutter that is rarely used. You can save some cash and cut down on your expenses by borrowing certain things only when you need them. Lending has been around for a long time in human civilisation. If you have a good rapport with your friends, neighbours and community you could borrow and lend just about anything conveniently.

Technology and the internet have made this job even easier. There are Facebook groups, mobile apps and websites where people form a community and help each other. Some of the popular things that are lent and borrowed are:

1. Home

Borrowing a house for a short time can be a great way to save huge cash. Booking hotels can be expensive and increases the travelling costs. There are many websites and social media groups that provide the platform for this arrangement. By hosting your place you can also earn some extra cash.

2. Books

Books are one of the most popular things to borrow. You can borrow books from libraries, friends and family. With digitalisation and popularity of ebooks, even kindle books are being lent from all over the world. There are many online websites which allow people to trade, borrow and lend digital books.

3. Seasonal equipment

Whether it’s expensive tools, sports, camping, photography, musical or fishing equipment, if you use them rarely then it’s better to borrow or rent from a nearby tool library, rental store or from your community instead of buying a new one. You would not only save money but keep your house and garage clutter-free.

4. Toy library

Yeah! You heard that right. You could save lots of money on toys by taking your children to a toy library where they can play with a range of good quality toys. Some toy libraries may charge a nominal annual fee which is still a lot cheaper than purchasing new toys.

5. Internet

You can get free WiFi in most public libraries and around many public transport areas. If you are using Spark (Telecom) network, then there are free WiFi hotspots nationwide. Some restaurants, cafes and banks may also provide free WiFi. Stop wasting your money by purchasing huge data plans, as it’s easy to access free internet on the go.

6. Things for parties

Party decoration and entertainment equipment can be expensive. Hence, it’s a good idea to borrow or rent what you need from rental shops, friends, family or community. Think beyond- you could also borrow your family’s beautiful backyards for baby showers, birthdays or a wedding ceremony.

Neighbours or groups on social media rent or even give away unwanted items for free! It is also not uncommon to see people renting boats, cars, parking spaces, video games, or a wedding dress!

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